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Paimio Inno­va­tion Hub is an organ­i­sa­tion situ­ated in the region of Paimio which develops and serves industry and logis­tics. It is owned by the City of Paimio and Paimion Yrit­täjät ry.

Paimio Inno­va­tion Hub has been founded to facil­i­tate the devel­op­ment of compa­nies oper­ating in Paimio and new compa­nies that are moving their oper­a­tions to Paimio.

We serve quickly, with high quality and with respect towards the compa­nies’ needs and schedules.

We offer effi­cient and vital busi­ness services —

We offer signif­i­cant contacts to capi­tals supporting the growth of compa­nies at Paimio’s Lions’ Den (“shark tank”) —

We offer a lively connec­tion to Paimio’s inner market

Busi­ness plots and construc­tion-related part­ners are avail­able at a compet­i­tive level of quality and price.

Two busi­ness areas are being devel­oped at Turku-Helsinki motorway’s junc­tion 11. YksYkkönen and Paimio Busi­ness Park. In addi­tion to these, there are two other busi­ness areas in the vicinity of the motorway, which plots can be reserved.

The prices of the plots are currently approx­i­mately 40 percent more afford­able than other busi­ness areas in the region of Turku.


Tech­nology that utilises logis­tics and circular economy will be a signif­i­cant part of YksYkkönen’s entity. Paimio is at a good hub in terms of logistic processes. More than 40 logis­tics compa­nies operate in the area. The 13 hectare indus­trial area of YksYkkönen is in the imme­diate vicinity of the motorway, and its munic­ipal engi­neering will be completed by the summer.

Paimion Business Park

Devel­oping Paimio

The City of Paimio offers first class oppor­tu­ni­ties for busi­ness in accor­dance with the compa­nies’ needs. Paimio is part of the travel-to-work area of Turku and Salo, where 350,000 people live, and skills are of extremely high standard.

Paimio Busi­ness Park offers flex­ible spatial solu­tions, and good connec­tions ensure an excel­lent envi­ron­ment for busi­ness operations.

BioG­Paimio Oy’s construc­tion of a biogas plant shall be initi­ated in the vicinity in 2022, which will create oppor­tu­ni­ties for coop­er­a­tion and the util­i­sa­tion of respon­sible energy.

Logis­ti­cally logical

Paimio Busi­ness Park is located in the imme­diate vicinity of the motorway, allowing an excel­lent and quick connec­tion for heavy-duty traffic too to the region’s busi­ness concen­tra­tions and ports.

Due to its exten­sive building rights and extremely flex­ible oppor­tu­ni­ties of spatial solu­tions, Paimio Busi­ness Park is an excel­lent loca­tion for produc­tion, ware­house and logis­tics compa­nies in particular.

Circular economy project of Paimio and Sauvo — Join!

Paimio Inno­va­tion Hub’s first major effort is the mapping and initi­a­tion project of circular economy, which has been initi­ated in Paimio and Sauvo. It seeks compa­nies for the area, which would jointly form value chains for util­ising waste mate­rials, such as indus­trial side flows and agri­cul­tural biomasses.

Waste of one company is another company’s raw mate­rial. The aim is to create new, prof­itable busi­ness oper­a­tions by central­ising clean tech and green tech compa­nies logis­ti­cally close to each other. For example, YksYkkönen can become a research labo­ra­tory of new circular economy technologies.

At the centre of the plan is a biogas plant, which has been designed to be as carbon-neutral as possible, and the heat and biogas produced by it would be utilised by YksYkkönen’s compa­nies, such as the planned green­house. During the first stage of the project, value chains are mapped among the compa­nies of the Paimio and Sauvo region. There­after, we will see if there are any oper­a­tors missing in between, which would allow complete value chains to be formed and a contin­uous circu­la­tion of mate­rials could be achieved. We will search for such compa­nies in other areas of Finland too.

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Contact details
Mika Ingi, Managing Director
040 758 7963

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